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Manoj Mehandi Artist Here Applies Mehandi Very Beautifully In Wedding Or Teej Festivals. We have A Team Of 10 Mehandi Artists Who Together Apply mehandi To 40 to 50 People In 1 To 2 Hours or Even To Bridal In 1 to 2 Hours. The Color Of Mehandi Comes In 2 Hours Because we Make Mehandi Paste at Home. No. Chemicls Are Added To Our Mehandi Nor Does It Harm The Hair Of The Hands Because The Mehandi Made By Us Is Made From Pure Mehandi Leaves. Are Happening We Have Different Mehandi Artist Like 4 Artist Who Apply Only Bridal Mehandi 4 Artist Who apply Indian Modal Mehandi On Full Hands Or 2 Artist Who Apply Arabic Mehandi here we Book Weddings A Manth In Advance

Bridal Mehandi :-

Designs and Patterns: Bridal mehndi is characterized by elaborate and detailed designs that cover the hands and feet. These designs often include intricate patterns, floral motifs, paisleys, geometric shapes, and sometimes even representations of the bride and groom's initials or images. Symbolism: Different elements in the mehndi designs hold cultural and symbolic significance. For example, the peacock is a common motif symbolizing grace and beauty, while intricate patterns may represent the bond between the bride and groom. Application Process: Skilled mehndi artists apply the henna paste using cones or brushes. The paste is made from crushed henna leaves mixed with water, lemon juice, and essential oils. The bride typically sits patiently as the artist creates the intricate patterns, and the paste needs to dry to achieve a deep, lasting stain. Color Development: The initial color of the applied mehndi is greenish, but it gradually darkens to a rich reddish-brown over the next 24-48 hours. The depth of color depends on factors like the quality of henna, the body heat of the individual, and how long the paste is left on. Ceremonial Significance: The application of bridal mehndi is considered a ritual and is often accompanied by celebrations and gatherings. It is believed to bring blessings, happiness, and ward off evil spirits. Many brides also incorporate hidden initials or names of the groom in the design for fun and tradition.

Arabic Mehndi Design :-

Floral Patterns: Arabic Mehndi designs often feature beautiful floral patterns, including roses, lotuses, and other blooming flowers. These are usually large and well-defined, adding a touch of grace to the overall design. Vine and Leaf Motifs: The designs may incorporate vines, leaves, and tendrils, creating a flowing and organic look. These elements are often used to connect different parts of the design, giving it a cohesive appearance. Peacock Patterns: Peacock motifs are a common feature in Arabic Mehndi designs. The majestic feathers of a peacock are intricately drawn to add a regal and vibrant touch to the overall pattern. Mandala Elements: Circular mandala patterns or concentric circles are sometimes incorporated into Arabic Mehndi designs. These can be placed at the center of the palm or on the back of the hand, adding symmetry and beauty. Negative Space: Arabic Mehndi designs often make use of negative space, leaving some areas of the skin bare to enhance the contrast and highlight the intricate details of the henna. Finger-Tip Extensions: Elaborate designs extending from the tips of the fingers towards the wrist are a distinctive feature of Arabic Mehndi. These extensions may contain additional floral or geometric patterns. Geometric Shapes: While not as predominant as in other Mehndi styles, Arabic designs may incorporate geometric shapes like triangles or squares to add variety and structure to the overall pattern. Bail (Arabic for Vine): The Arabic term "bail" refers to the free-flowing vine-like patterns that are a signature element in these designs. These vines gracefully wind their way through the hands and fingers, creating a mesmerizing effect.

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